Frequently asked questions

The product I want says it is out of stock does that mean I cant get it?

Absolutley not! If there is a product that you want and it says it it no longer in stock, just reach out to to Trevor and he will be happy to accomodate your request.

How do I know what size I should get?

Trevor has actually put together a free guide that will give you the run down of how to find the perfect size for your space. Just go to (Insert Link) to gain access to that information and dont forget to subscribe to the news letter for all the latest updates!

Do the prints come with a frame?

Trevor does not frame the pictures he prints because he would never want to take that fun away from you! Trevor is more than happy to include that service but that does require an additional fee. Contact him for more details.

Why should I buy prints?

Prints are a great way to start collecting art. The prints sold by Trevor are a great place to get started! Prints are a great way to change the mood of a room, brighten up a space, or try something new.

Refund Policy

Art is unique, delicate, and exclusive. It often takes days, sometimes months to complete a single work of art. Due to its fragile and singular nature we are unable to allow returns. However, there may be times when you receive an item in damaged condition, in which case we will ensure a resolution keeping in mind your interests. This may be through repair, exchange, or return of the product.

What does it mean if it says "Limited Edition"?

One of the things that makes Trevor's "Limited Eddition" prints so special is that they come with an additional bonus. He only prints them once and there are only a certain amount that exist in the physical world. These prints will come with a special exclusive story that goes with the image.

Whats the difference between a regular print and a limited edition?

Open edition prints (or "Regular prints") are reproductions of an original piece of art/photo, and without and additional exclusive or standout features. Limited edition prints are printed by Trevor as part of limited series. These prints can be found with an exclusive background of the photo and provide a deeper look into the art and really help bring the piece to life. They are normally numbered as ‘ 1 of 10’, ‘2 of 10’ etc... Trevor likes to try and keep regular prints available for people, so collectors can have the option of purchasing a print if they don't wish to buy the exclusive. Open edition prints are more affordable but also lack the intrinsic investment value that an exclusive has.

Where can I go to buy prints?

As of right now I am still in the process of builing an online shop. That being said, the best way to get a print is to reach out to me directly and I will work with you to get you what you want.